Forex Prime Pack is for High Net worth Investors who hold a large capital with big risk taking capacity comparatively so that they can be rewarded accordingly big as risk and reward is proportionate to each other. Our research team is dedicated to design services according to the need and interest of Clients who opt for Forex Prime Pack. They look after the Capital Investment of clients and train them accordingly, what is the right quantity they should invest in each trade.

Forex Prime Pack includes all Forex major and minor pairs. Full guidance on correct method of trading is given; regular update is given on upcoming news and economic events. These services are ideal for clients holding a big portfolio. Our research team spends more than 72 hours of work in designing and delivering this product and delighting clients.

Service Details...!

  • Number of Recommendation: Customized as per customer need.
  • Intra Day and Positional.
  • Strategy will be Breakout- BUY ABOVE AND SELL BELOW.
  • Positions open at a time will be based on customer risk appetite.
  • Regular follow ups.
  • One to one support.
  • All Important News and Economic Data like FED Minutes, ECB Monetary Policy, Foreign Currency Reserves.
  • World Market updates.
  • Monthly News Letter.
  • Weekly technical analysis.

Trading Rules...!

  • Trade in each recommendation with Fixed lots.
  • Follow the recommendations as you receive.
  • StopLoss is integral part of risk management. Please follow Stoploss in each and every trade and exit when price touches stoploss.
  • Book Partial (50% recommended, rest depends on your risk appetite) and revise your stoploss to Cost so that your position does not go in loss.
  • Divide your quantity into two while entering a position so that partial booking becomes practical in Currency Pairs.
  • Don't forget your rules.

Mode Of Recommendations...!

Mode Of Recommendations...!

Text SMS

Mode Of Recommendations...!